Commercial Water Heating Systems

Commercial Water Heating Systems use sunlight to warm water and maintains a centralized storage tanks. For the places where it’s difficult to find direct sunlight we provide another water heating system with heat pumps. That is another renewable energy solution brought together with Rheem Australia.

Alpha Thermal Systems is the leading solutions provider for renewable energy based commercial water heating applications. With over 3 decades of experience we have been able to provide support from project planning to operation, with unparallel expertise.

Our expertise & know how in the industry has been the key factor in authorizing the distribution of Rheem Australia products.

Rheem Australia is a subsidiary of Rheem Manufacturing Company, USA which is the global leader in solar and renewable energy water heating technologies.

Solartherm has been the preferred choice to provide sanitary hot water, for all commercial applications. Alpha Thermal Systems is the leader in introducing heat pumps in to the modern construction era designing of energy efficient solar & heat pump hybrid hot water generation systems.

Solartherm is the authorized installer for Accent air heat pumps from Rheem Australia.