Domestic Solar Water Heating

We bring the Sun down to Earth!

Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water.
Solar water heating systems collect energy from the sun in panels. Hot water produced for use in a home or building is stored on site in tanks. A domestic solar hot water system can be a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs from electricity.

For 30 years ‘Solar Therm’ has pioneered helping Sri Lanka harness the power of the sun. Since 1982, we have established ourselves as a 100% solar power solutions provider, tailored for the Sri Lankan market. As the market Leader in the Solar Thermal Industry, we live our promise of continued quality and friendlier service to the thousands of people who enjoy our award winning solar powered solutions every day.

  • ‘SOLAR THERM’ Hot Water Storage Tanks are constructed out of High Grade Stainless Steel; a corrosion-free material, which is customer-safe and requires minimum maintenance.
  • The Storage Tanks are designed to minimize mixing of hot & cold water during usage and are insulated with polyurethane foam ensuring superior insulation and minimizing overnight heat loss. The outer cover is made of Zinc Allume / Colorbond making it durable and long lasting.
  • “SOLAR THERM” Solar Collectors are manufactured out of copper, a super conductor of heat and corrosion-free material.
  • The panels are constructed using ultra sonic welding technology for fusion bonding. The collective heat absorbent coating is obtained by black chromating of the copper surface ensuring maximum heat absorption