Domestic Solar Grid Tied (Net Metering) Systems

Solar Grid Tied systems convert energy from sunlight directly into electricity.
The solar panels generate electricity whenever the sun is shining. This electricity supplies the needs of the house – and then any excess is exported to the electricity grid. Simply we called as Net metering (The exported electricity is sold to the same company from which the household buys its electricity when it needs more than it’s generating.)

Alpha Solar Energy Systems is one of the first companies in Sri Lanka to recognize the value of the sun’s free energy. Our sister company Alpha Thermal Systems pioneered solar water heating in Sri Lanka in 1982 under the Brand name “Solartherm”.

As one of the pioneers in the solar electricity industry, our solar PV (photovoltaic) business stands a long undisputed reputation for quality and reliable service for the past two decades. Our installations in solar electricity industry include the largest installation in the country to date by a local turnkey contractor.

Alpha Solar Energy Systems is the authorized distributor in Sri Lanka for the “Solarworld” PV panels which is from Germany, having manufacturing plants only in Germany & USA.

Solartherm is a trained service partner for Fronius inverters which is from Austria, with local service ability for Fronius grid connected inverters.

Fronius is one of the leading inverter manufacturers in the world with over 20 years of experience having manufacturing plants in Austria.


Fronius How Solar Works

Solar world standards in the manufacturing process

Solarworld panel quality