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1. How do I decide on the capacity of the SolarTherm solar water heater?

* 75L for 01-02 Users and one Bathroom * 100L for 02-03 Users, one bathroom and a pantry * 150L for 03-04 Users, two bathrooms and a pantry * 200L for 04-05 Users, 03 Bathrooms and a pantry * 300L for 06 - 07 Users. 04 Bathrooms and a pantry. (assuming an individual will use 30-40 litres of hot water per day)

2. Will I get hot water when there is no sunlight?

Yes you will until you finish the quantity stored in the SolarTherm tank. If the quantity is fully exhausted the electrical back up will heat the water.

3. How do you fix SolarTherm solar water heater on my roof?

If it is a slanted roof, the SolarTherm water heater can be fixed to the roof supporting structure. In case of a flat roof a brick or metal frame is required.

4. Is it safe to drink water heated from the SolarTherm solar water heater?

Yes you can. The SolarTherm water heater does not contaminate water.

5. Do I need to install a pressure pump for the SolarTherm solar water heater?

If the bottom of your overhead tank is higher than the hot water storage tank by three feet you do not require a pressure pump.

6. What is the lifespan of your SolarTherm solar water heater?

There are many SolarTherm solar water heaters, which are over 30 years in use. However, the life span of the unit depends on the water quality and environmental conditions.

7. Do I get a warranty on SolarTherm solar water heaters?

You get a warranty of 10 years on solar=therm solar water heaters.

8. Will I have hot water in the morning as there is no sunlight in the night?

Yes as the overnight drop in temperature is less than 5 degrees.

9. What is the maximum temperature you can reach with SolarTherm solar water heater?

Under test conditions SolarTherm solar water heaters have achieved temperatures as high as 80 Celcius. however, on average usage the temperature is around 55-65 Celsius and is subject to the availability of sunlight.

10. Do I need to cover the solar panels to protect from external hazards?

You do not have to because SolarTherm solar panels are with special low iron tempered solar glass.

11. What are the safety features in a SolarTherm solar water heater?

The SolarTherm solar water heaters air release valves, pressure relief valves, vacuum breaker valves are used where necessary. The thermo is a statistically controlled electrical backup and used in all units.

12. how long will it take to install a SolarTherm solar water heater?

Installation usually will take only 2-3 hours.

13. What preparations do I need to complete at site before installation?

Ensure continuous supply of cold water. Preferably hot water piping to be completed and connection pipe to be brought to the location.

14. what are the savings I will have as a result of installing a SolarTherm solar water heater?

You will recover your full investment on your SolarTherm solar water heater. In terms of savings on your electricity bills refer the payback calculator for details.