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Our Brands


REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power in order to facilitate global energy transitions.

Committed to quality and innovation, REC offers photovoltaic modules with leading high quality, backed by an exceptional low warranty claims rate of less than 100ppm. Founded in Norway in 1996, REC employs 2,000 people and has an annual solar panel capacity of 1.8 GW. With over 10 GW installed worldwide, REC is empowering more than 16 million people with clean solar energy.

REC Group is a Bluestar Elkem company with headquarters in Norway, operational headquarters in Singapore, and regional bases in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

REC's internal testing is up to three times as stringent as industry standards – meaning that the panels which are sent for certification or testing, get passed. But beyond attaining a certification, REC wants the panels to be reliable for the lifetime of the product and perform strongly in even the most extreme environments.

REC products and production processes are also certified and endorsed by independent third parties according to multiple global and regional industry standards, solidifying the fact that REC panels meet the highest quality standards required for a long-lasting product. REC panels have also been recently recognized as a Top Performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard, proving their market-leading quality.

The stringent internal processes used by REC, such as RBS (REC Business System) and RPDM (REC Product Development Model), are rigidly followed to ensure that all our panels consistently have the highest quality, wherever they are installed. This repeatable high quality is synonymous with the REC brand.

REC panels come standard with a 20 year product warranty. This covers panel defects and promises that the panels will maintain their superior quality for at least 20 years. All panels are eligible for a +5 year product warranty extension, as per the REC ProTrust Warranty.

REC’s performance warranty ensures that REC panels perform exactly as expected to – every year for 25 years. With higher warranted power and higher year-over-year yields, REC customers have greater ROI predictability.


Premium Solar Panels with superior performance

REC TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 Series solar panels feature an innovative design with the higher panel efficiency of monocrystalline cells, enabling customers to get the most out of the space used for the installation. Combined with industry – leading product quality and the reliability of a strong and established European brand, REC TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 Series are ideal for all types of residential, commercial rooftop and utility installations islandwide.


REC TwinPeak 2 Mono panels are packed with the same advanced REC TwinPeak technologies that have won REC multiple awards. This p-type mono variant offers higher power output per square meter of panels installed. Compared to standard 60-cell panels on a multicrystalline (poly) platform, you get at least 25 Wp more per panel!


Panels with REC TwinPeak technologies have a unique “twin” design, which enables them to generate electricity even when they are partially shaded. Over time, you get a higher yield from your installation.


By delivering more power per square meter, you need fewer REC TwinPeak 2 Mono panels to generate the same power. This means quicker installation times and the need for fewer components such as clamps and racks. All of which reduces your overall costs, shortening the payback time.



Fronius - Fronius was founded in 1945 and has been continued to thrive on its passion for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionary solutions. As a technology leader, the company finds, develops and implements innovative methods to monitor and control energy for photovoltaics and battery charging. Fronius online system monitoring provides data communication solutions for PV systems, ensuring reliable system monitoring and straightforward integration into other systems. The hardware is quick to install and the software easy to use. SolarTherm is the authorised service partner for Fronius Inverters in Sri Lanka with Service Partner PLUS certified.

Country of manufacture - Austria
Fronius FSP

The SnapINverter generation of inverters features a simple, standardised mounting system, making installation and maintenance easier than ever. A special feature in the design of the device is that the connection area is separate from the power stage set compartment, with both being installed separately. The remarkably light connection area and all its cabling is fitted to the wall first, followed by the power stage set. The innovative hinged system makes installation and servicing extremely user-friendly. The inverter is simply placed in the mounting bracket and then secured. This means that it is not necessary to remove the entire inverter for servicing, just the power stage set. All the cabling remains in place

We are the first inverter manufacturer to offer a data communication package with fully integrated datalogging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and a range of interfaces. The inverter is connected to the internet by network cable or WLAN – without additional cabling – and grants you the perfect overview of how the PV system is operating. Connection to third-party components is provided by means of interfaces such as Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON). The open interfaces can also be operated in parallel to Fronius Solar.web

The Fronius SuperFlex Design is an ingenious combination of technical performance attributes that make designing your PV system not only extremely simple, but also incredibly flexible. The key performance factors of the SuperFlex Design are two MPP trackers, together with a high system voltage and wide DC input voltage range. Every DC input, and therefore every MPP tracker, is able to accommodate the entire nominal output of the inverter. Regardless of whether the inverter has to cope with different roof orientations, shading of one or two strings, or the use of residual modules: a Fronius inverter with integrated SuperFlex Design will satisfy every conceivable operational PV system planning scenario using just a single inverter model.

The Dynamic Peak Manager is a new MPP tracking algorithm that dynamically adapts its behaviour when searching for the optimal operating point. Its special feature is that the Dynamic Peak Manager automatically checks the entire characteristic curve on a regular basis and finds the global Maximum Power Point (GMPP), even in partial shade

SMA Inverters are originated in Germany suitable for all module types including grid-connections, small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range. SMA Inverters are even suitable for utility-scale PV power plants up to the multi megawatt range. Designed for optimum performance and maximum yields, SMA inverters are an economical solution for shade mitigation and the challenges of complex roofs. Moreover, it comes complete with grid-management capabilities, ensuring a utility-compliant solution for customers operating in any market. SMA is represented in Germany, USA, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, China, Australia, Belgium, India, Poland, Japan, UK, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Country of origin - Germany
sma logo

The development of modular system technology resulted in the trend setting Sunny Boy string inverter family. More than 60 MW AC of total inverter power have been installed to date, defining new standards in PV technology.

A strong partner into the future SMA Regelsysteme GmbH with 400 employees is a high-tech company with continual 30-40 % annual growth. The company is the largest supplier of grid-interactive PV inverters in Europe. SMA has gained experience from : Over60MWACof total "Sunny Boy string inverter" power installed so farure a report is automatically faxed to any number desired. For detailed information on our com-munication equipment, please see our "Sunny Boy Communication" brochure.

The "Sunny Boy" from SMA is the first inverter to comply with all applicable national and international standards. Furthermore, SMA has always been a pioneer in new safety technologies such as redundant anti-islanding protection and all-pole sensitive GFCI - offering a maximum of protection. Independent institutions have certified that the Sunny Boys from SMA comply with all applicable standards (such as UL and EC Standards covering low volt-needs. On request, we can also train your employees on your own premises. Our comprehensive training program combined with the excellent quality of our products ensures the customer's long-term satisfaction.

The Sunny Boys are designed for a MTBF of over 100,000 hours and more than 20 years of operation. In order to achieve this long life SMA selects only the best available components such as selected electrolyte capacitors with the best available temperature performance, etc.

SMA is the first manufacturer to design all its inverters for outdoor operation. The stainless-steel cases comply with protection class IP65 (NEMA 4x). The electronics even operate in extreme weather conditions with ambient temperatures of -25 °C to +60 °C. Over 60 MW AC of total SMA inverter power have been installed to date SMA therefore has extensive experience with the outside mounting and every detail is continually improved. No other manufacturer of PV inverters has such extensive and long-term experience in outdoor mounting of inverters.

In order to save time and cost during installation, all "Sunny Boys" have a very simple and practical three-point mounting system. SMA was the first manufacturer to use an electrical connection system with safe-to-touch plugs. This simplifies installation and allows the wiring to be prepared in the workshop in order to save time on-site later.

SMA production complies with ISO 9001. The company has been Q1 supplier to customers such as Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways) for years. Furthermore, SMA has been successfully audited as a supplier to various customers in the automobile and electronics industry such as Volkswagen, Phoenix, and ABB. The Sunny Boy was the first PV inverter incorporated into a PV system to receive the "TOV PROOF" certificate by TOV Rheinland. This quality certificate stands for excellent technical and practical features. ln, a 1999 test of PV modules and inverters our devices were qualified "good" (Sunny Boy 850) and "very good" (Sunny Boy 1500). For detailed test results please see the leaflet "Sunny Boys, the test winners".